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The mission of the Center for Design in Health is to foster excellence in human factors systems design, with an emphasis on designing work processes to facilitate better performance and on designing technology to enhance work processes.  We go beyond problem description—we solve problems by generating innovative design solutions that facilitate better performance.


You can support our work through a contribution to the Center for Design in Health. Gifts help to promote our mission, including research, outreach, and educational programs for students and the public.  To make a contribution online, use the College of Design donation form on the University of Minnesota Foundation web site.  On this page, under the Optional heading, click the yes button to give detailed instructions. This opens a box where you can name the Center for Design in Health as the recipient.


To learn more about giving to the Center, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kathleen A. Harder, PhD

Contact Information:
Kathleen A. Harder, Ph.D., Director
Suite 225
1425 University Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN  55414